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Programs in the State
Past Presidents
Strategic Plan
The History of AAEOPP
The Alabama Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (AAEOPP) had its beginning in 1970 when program directors from three state organizations
came together at Miles College and formed the Alabama Association. Prior to its origination, each TRIO Program had its own individual state organization. The presidents for these groups were Addie B. Crutcher, Talent Search; Cleophus Vann, Upward Bound; and Army Daniel, Special Services. After some collaboration among the three programs, it was agreed that a statewide organization of TRIO Programs would afford a greater opportunity for program personnel to share teaching and counseling strategies and exchange ideas that would increase program accountability. Accountability became the guiding principle in that each program was responsible for providing adequate services to students and ensuring the success of the organization. The Alabama Association met from campus to campus in the process of developing programs, which addresses the needs of students. Under the leadership of the first
president, Cleophus Vann, the organization developed and grew in to a strong educational and political machine, which established a strong foundation and
provided the vision for our future work.